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an innovative interprofessional education (IPE) online game

Brought to you by Dr. Carole Orchard and the Interprofessional Health Education and Research (IPHER) team at Western University, Circles of Care is an innovative interprofessional education (IPE) game that helps learners gain skills in working within a collaborative interprofessional team. It is played by two to four teams of four to ten players each. The team will represent a range of health and social care professions.

The game contains twelve patient/client cases from a variety of practice areas and the teams can play as many cases as they wish. The cases are assigned at random and each team works through a case discussing questions about the patient, their environment and the possible interventions.

There are four types of questions:

Cases involve as many as 13 different health providers: audiologist, child and youth worker, clinical psychologist, dietitian, early childhood educator, nurse, occupational therapist, personal support worker, physician, physiotherapist, pharmacist, social worker and speech language pathologist.

Start the game and pick team names...

Up to four teams can play together. Each team enters their own name to begin the game.

Spin to select the first case study...

Each team is assigned a patient case study at random. They will have a chance to read the background of the case before proceeding to the first question.

Roll to select a question...

The game is designed to be interactive and engaging while still addressing the educational objectives. The case studies and questions are sound and valid but are presented within an educational game. Real gameplay encourages continued use.

The question is displayed on an information pane...

Questions are displayed on the right-hand information pane and the teams will engage with each other, drawing on their knowledge of the relevant practice area(s) and interprofessional teamworking.

A pop-up displays scores...

Teams are awarded points as the game progresses and can review those scores at any point.

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